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Translators and interpreters are required in many areas of life. Associated Translators provides its services for a varied client base which includes private individuals, businesses, solicitors, barristers, courts, local authorities, hospitals, NGOs and embassies, amongst others.

At Associated Translators we benefit from the services and co-operation of more than 600 freelance translators and interpreters who together cover upwards of 160 languages. The rates for our services are competitive and can be provided on request. You can fill in one of our online forms if you require a quote for translation or interpreting. Alternatively, you can contact us directly with your enquiry. 

AT’s extensive pool of translators and interpreters covering more than 160 languages places it in a unique position within the translation and interpreting sector. Consequently, we also provide our services to many other translation and interpreting agencies, both in the UK and abroad. 

Our translators and interpreters are all highly experienced, competent and skilled individuals. Most are university graduates and the majority are members of professional bodies such as the Institute of Linguists (IoL) and the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI). Some are also on the National Register of Public Service Interpreters or the Home Office Panel of Interpreters, or are registered with the Metropolitan Police Service Recruitment. 

In addition to translation and interpreting, we also provide the following special services: 

Transcription: We can transcribe the contents of audio tapes, video tapes or CDs/DVDS and provide the customer with the relevant transcription. If required, we can then translate the transcribed text into the desired language.

Authentication of documents: As well as the provision of a certified translation we can also provide an affidavit sworn by a translator before a solicitor, a notarised translation or an apostille (obtained from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office).

Voiceovers: Our interpreters can provide voiceovers at studios for film, television or radio.

Simultaneous interpreting: For some languages we can provide simultaneous interpreting services (subject to availability)

AT co-operates closely with Giraffe Translations. Also based in London, Giraffe Translations provides comprehensive interpreting and translation services which complement those offered by AT. Both companies share common goals and policies to ensure that customers’ requirements are always met promptly and efficiently.